The Art and Craft Of Gilding



My first encounter with gilding was with picture frames when I was working at my family's moulding factory, which also had a small framing studio (Leistenfabrik Leja in Nievern an der Lahn, Germany). In 1995, I founded my own atelier in Miehlen, Germany at the family's former sawmill.

Since 1998 my work has focused on gilded frames and art.


When gilding picture frames, it has always been problematic to make sure that the gold on top of the miter does not crack. After a couple of years of experimenting I found a way to avoid this cracking. In 1998, I received a patent for my technique.

In recent years, I have developed a growing interest in wood sculpture. At the moment I dedicate a good portion of my time to making original and unique military figures.  


The most important thing to me is to create something new, to make something no one else has made that way before.