Urban Reliefs

These individually crafted cityscapes are wooden panels onto which milled reliefs have been mounted. These profiles are primed, boled and then gilded with various kinds of gold leaf. The varying degrees of exposure of the underlying bole, as well as the choice of different kinds of gold, create the illusion of depth, so that new aspects of the cityscape emerge depending on the angle of the ambient light. Cityscapes can be created in all sizes, colors and types of gold. If you are interested in a personalized cityscape, please contact us. The last picture shows a framed cityscape (about 30 x 25 inches). 



These lampshades are made from gypsum. This flexible material allows for a plethora of forms.  Various types of gold and bole can be combined for a highly customized design.



Mirrors get a luxurious and extravagant touch when placed in a gilded frame.



This counter is also handmade. The inlays are gilded with white gold. If you are interested in partially or completely gilded furniture, contact us. 

This showcase displays one of my hand-carved sculptures.



This coat of arms is a hand-carved and gilded copy of a work by Josef Eichel, originally created in 1990. We are happy to work from a design that you supply.